Don’t waste your time with waste

Choose Sterilwave

On-site solution to medical waste management

  • Full process without pressure (no risk of explosion)
  • Easy installation (2 hours)
  • Easy to use (no need of operator with specific skills)
  • The lowest operating cost on the market
  • Zero environmental impact

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An efficient, safe and easy-to-use solution = 30 min process

Sterilwave® - Easy to use solution - Step 1Loading of the biohazardous waste (manual or automatic)
Sterilwave® - Easy to use solution - Step 2Grinding step to reduce the waste volume
Sterilwave® - Easy to use solution - Step 3Heating for sterilization using microwave solution
Sterilwave® - Easy to use solution - Step 4Transfer of the grindec sterilized waste into a container

Conform to all international regulatory standards

Sterilwave® - NF-X30-503-validated
  • STAATT recommendations for alternative treatment to incineration
  • French standard NFX30-503 known as the strictest worldwide.

Sterilwave has been homologated by an Expert’s committee of the French Ministry of Health and is certified according to the norm NF X30-503 from June 2004.